Bikes and Scooters Station Outside

Hello all,

After a long, fruitful summer, we’re finally done with our renovations: we’ve added a brand new bike and electric scooter station outside!

Now you can simply register with our app, and you can rent bikes and electric scooters to go back and forth from LaPalma to your house.. or wherever your heart desires.

Minimum rental fee is two hours. Then, the rate increases in half hour segments.

What Kind of Bikes Do We Have?

We have some of the newest, fanciest bikes you can get: these new continuum drive bikes have planetary gears and do away with metal chains, they use belts — which are actually a lot more efficient.

What Kind of Electric Scooters Do We Have?

We love electric scooters – they’re fast, convenient and they are perfect for cities like NYC.

We have a selection of regular hoverboards and electric kick-scooters.

The prices are the same for bikes and scooters and we hope that this service will help anyone who visits LaPalma to explore the neighborhood. We’re proud of where we are, and we consider our restaurant an integral part of the community.

This is our way to offer a convenient service to our customers while championing what has made LaPalma a unique, vibrant cultural hub for the whole community.

Always pushing forward, let us know what you think of this new service.