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Making Mexican Foods At Home

Hey Guys!

We get requests from our customers all the time, asking us how to make some of our delicious Mexican recipes at home. While we don’t want to give away any of our trade secrets, we do want to share our love of great mexican food with our loyal customers.

We decided the best way to share our style of Mexican cuisine is to give you some behind the scenes tips for making delicious meals at home. These tips will have you making better mexican food than you ever thought you could at home- just promise you’ll still come in to see us.

Here are our best tips for making mexican food at home, with the La Palmas flair!

1.Quality Ingredients

The first step to preparing a delicious Mexican meal is of course the ingredients. Yes it’s better if you can use organic, and from scratch ingredients, but that’s not realistic for everyone. Items like beans, and rice are quality staples that are great to keep in your pantry, and whip up with your mexican food as a side. If you can get fresh lime juice, fresh tortillas, and fresh meat, your mea will be amazing! If you are shopping in a hurry, use sites like instacart to get fresh groceries delivered.

2. The Right Appliances

Even if you’re not in a busy restaurant, seems like there is always a rush to cook dinner. Luckily there are a few appliances that really help make an easy Mexican dinner, without you having to do too much work. The first is a rice cooker, which boils the rice for you, cooks it, and keeps it warm until you’re ready to eat. The second appliance is a one that’s pretty new, but really helpful. We have found that using the best hot air fryer you can get your hands on, really helps making healthier versions of fried Mexican foods like chimichangas.

3. Watch Youtube tutorials for inspiration

No one can learn the art of Mexican cooking without trying it, and what better way to get some practice than watching a video. There are a few Mexican chefs that like to make step by step tutorials, that will help you to improve your cooking skills. In this video by chef Virgina Lopez, she shows step by step how to make a hot tamale recipe. If you have ever tried the tamales at our restaurant, you know they are some of the best around. Her recipe is very similar and it really isn’t too difficult to learn. Just make sure you have all your ingredients played out before you begin, and don’t be afraid to rewatch something if you don’t understand, It’s always better to make sure you are doing things right when cooking, because once you start its hard to un do something!

And there you have it- 3 ways to get the taste of our restaurant, in your own kitchen. We really hoped that you enjoyed these tips to make delicious Mexican food in your home, and that you will enjoy trying to master the art of Mexican cuisine!

Bikes and Scooters Station Outside

Hello all,

After a long, fruitful summer, we’re finally done with our renovations: we’ve added a brand new bike and electric scooter station outside!

Now you can simply register with our app, and you can rent bikes and electric scooters to go back and forth from LaPalma to your house.. or wherever your heart desires.

Minimum rental fee is two hours. Then, the rate increases in half hour segments.

What Kind of Bikes Do We Have?

We have some of the newest, fanciest bikes you can get: these new continuum drive bikes have planetary gears and do away with metal chains, they use belts — which are actually a lot more efficient.

What Kind of Electric Scooters Do We Have?

We love electric scooters – they’re fast, convenient and they are perfect for cities like NYC.

We have a selection of regular hoverboards and electric kick-scooters.

The prices are the same for bikes and scooters and we hope that this service will help anyone who visits LaPalma to explore the neighborhood. We’re proud of where we are, and we consider our restaurant an integral part of the community.

This is our way to offer a convenient service to our customers while championing what has made LaPalma a unique, vibrant cultural hub for the whole community.

Always pushing forward, let us know what you think of this new service.


The Essence of Mexican Food

Greetings from La Palma!

We’ve updated the look of our website!

So why not come check us out and enjoy some of the real Mexican food we serve daily?

Get a great deal, enjoy real Mexican food and satisfy your hunger. That’s what we’re here for!