Embracing Mexican Fashion Trends

As proud Mexicans, we are thrilled to see all the recent influence that Mexican fashion has had on American culture in the past years. Here are some of our favorite looks that are inspired by Mexican culture!

The Floral Embroidery Trend

Floral embroidery had been a staple of Mexican fashion for hundreds of years. These dresses were usually light in color as to be comfortable in the sun, but featured a strong floral motif for decoration. It was recurrently that we saw major fashion houses like the ItalianĀ Dolce and Gabbana show off their stunning interpretations of this classic Mexican design.

Floral Dress

The Latino Pompadour Trend

Sure, The Pomadour was a staple of American style in the 1950’s but in Mexico, the style never really went away. We are recently seeing famous singers and celebrities such as Bruno Mars (who is half Puerto Rican) rock a new updated version of the Mexican pompadour hair style. All you need is a little swagger, and some of the best pomade to pull off this south of the border look!

Bruno mars hair

The Large Hoop Earring Trend

Another trend that began in Mexico, was the large hoop earring trend. Hoop earrings were originally a part of Native culture, and worn as a ceremonial garb. These earrings quickly spread into pirate culture, and as they made their way to the United States, they were seen as a sign of sexualization. Fortunately these beautiful pieces of jewelry have grown in popularity, and you can now find hoop earrings as a major part of the fashion world. Even global brands like Tiffany made great sets, all inspired by Mexico!

hoop earrings

The Taco Fashion Trend

Perhaps the most unusual trend to happen in fashion in the past few years has been the obsession with food inspired clothing. First it was pizza shirts, doughnut floats, and ice cream phone cases, but has moved on to our favorite food- TACOS! That’s right, you can find just about any type of clothing now a days, covered with your favorite tortilla treat! We have seen all kinds of things, from taco socks to taco shirts, taco hats to taco onesies for babies! In fact one of the most popular halloween costumes for babies (and puppies) is a taco! Now that is a fashion trend we can totally get behind!

baby taco costume

As you can see, Mexican culture has had a huge influence on the way we dress today here in America. We love being reminded of our proud Mexican history whenever we see these cool fashions out and about! Hope you enjoyed reading, and that you’ll try out one of these cool trends for yourself!