Everyone’s Addicted to this New Game

Welcome to another post in our series of “what’s new at La Palma”.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests to talk about our new stands where you can play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

The new stands are designed to let people have some fun while they’re waiting for their food, and we’ve added the most popular game of the moment.

What’s nice about PUBG is that anyone can jump in and play a round. Due to this round game mechanic it’s the perfect game to play in a facility like ours.

The game is in early access still, so we’ve been careful to try using good computers and most importantly we’ve been researching the best PUBG settings — that really made a difference!

And we’ve been working on a small introductory guide to the game, which you can find here:

How to Play PUBG

PUBG is a “battle royale” game: the player is dropped on an island without any gear, along with 99 other players. The objective is to get as much as possible of the loot that’s scattered around randomly.

What guns are the best in PUBG?

Well you should always try to get an assault rifle like the M416 or the AKM, as those make for the most versatile weapons: they do a lot of damage on the medium range but (especially if paired with a scope) they also allow you to pick off enemies in the distance.

In general, you should try to also keep a “close range” weapon such as a shotgun or an UZI. Those will come in handy when inspecting houses.

How to Win a PUBG round?

Try to drop into a loot-rich area and get decent gear as fast as possible. Then, pay attention to the shrinking circle, and make sure to position yourself strategically. If you follow these simple tenets, you’ll get your first win in no time.

So, why not come around and try your hand at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?